Electronic Legal Billing Solutions

Significantly reduce your legal costs with automated billing enforcement and validation.

The enforcement of established billing guidelines and validating the accuracy of basic invoice information has proven to deliver savings. Yet while these practices are great in concept, your ability to enforce consistent compliance is challenged by bill volume, human error, and lack of staff review time. These challenges too often render your guidelines useless.

Our E-billing solutions put you back in control.

With Acuity’s E-Billing Solutions, you can reduce your legal costs by up to 10% per year with automatic and consistent enforcement of billing guidelines, enforced compliance with contracted rates and terms, and validation of invoices using basic accounting principles. Learn more about the ROI of E-Billing.

Here’s how Electronic Legal Billing with Acuity works:

  1. Basic validation and rules auditing occurs automatically when an invoice is uploaded.
  2. Rule validation tools enable you to determine which violations must be resolved by law firm before submission and which line entries should be flagged for special review.
  3. Billing rules can be configured to focus on any element of the invoice, such as the date of the invoice or billed item, the type of task being billed, or the type of timekeeper performing the work.
  4. Rules can target invoice timing violations – such as eliminating billing of expenses 6 months overdue; improper staffing - such as limiting the number of attorneys attending a deposition; or improper work – such as prohibiting partner billing for administrative tasks.
  5. Rules can also be configured to enforce proactive billing compliance patterns, such as requiring timely posting of matter status reports or requiring budget submission before bill approval.
E-Billing Highlights:
  • Automatic validation of invoice format, law firm/vendor, and matter assignment
  • Immediate rejection of duplicate invoices
  • Validation of billing rates and contract terms
  • Easy targeting of undesirable billing practices
  • Rules system highlights critical billing violations, provides substantive error feedback, and requires issue resolution before the invoice can be submitted to you
  • Rules system flags questionable items for focused client review

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